My Perfect MMORPG: Pt 1: Introduction

My Perfect MMORPG. Every MMORPG is different, and every MMORPG has parts that some people don’t like and other parts that they do like.

It’s hard to split such a series into multiple parts, as every part is linked. For example, the line between talking about loot from dungeons and talking about the economy of the game is very blurred.

In my opinion, the best place to start off is with the system that most players would start off with. The character creation system. But before that, I should note here that the game would be fantasy-based. I’m not sure whether in the end I would prefer a Sci-Fi-based MMORPG, but I have a lot more experience with Fantasy-based MMORPGs.

After I have written about character-creation, I’m going to talk about the PvP system, and then the PvE system. While I’m talking about these, I’ll talk a little about the economy, but I’ll also talk about the economy in an article or two, including resource gathering. Those economic articles might be before or after the PvP and PvE systems.



~ by mrout on February 4, 2010.

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