I have been thinking for a while about what sort of MMORPG
Series I am going to blog about. I think I have decided that I’m
going to blog about My Perfect MMORPG. This obviously won’t be
everyone’s perfect MMORPG, so if you have any comments about what
you would change, please comment. However, remember, this is my
perfect MMORPG, not my perfect MMOG or MMOFPS, so
don’t comment that you would prefer that
the targeting and shooting systems were twitch-based,
unless you have nothing else to comment about, lol.


~ by mrout on February 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “MMORPG Series”

  1. Here find a List of Best MMORPG Games. It gives you some ideas of a perfect MMO.

  2. They may be popular MMOs, but this is about MY perfect MMO. What ideas from that list do you like personally?

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